About The Artist
The focus of my artwork has largely been to reproduce the feel and visual qualities of transcendental and hallucinatory realities which I’ve been able to glimpse (either by accident or through various means and attempts). A small portion of my work has strayed outside of these themes and into more abstract experimentation, though still trying to keep consistent emotional tones as my other body of work.

I’ve worked as a portrait artist and illustrator since the beginning of the 90s, which has helped me refine my painting technique along traditional Realist lines. Artists in these fields who I’ve studied and who’ve influenced me include John Singer Sargent, Gil Elvgren, and Haddon Sundblom, as well as Jeremy Lipking, Burton Silverman, and Harvey Dinnerstein. Many of these artists were introduced to me by Irwin Greenberg when I took oil and watercolor painting classes from him at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, 1990-92.

In my career I’ve focused more heavily on pencil or pen and ink works (usually from my imagination) than I have on painting which has actually somehow helped my paintings progress considerably. Cartoonists and draftsmen who’ve influenced my drawings have been Charles Burns, Jean ’Moebius’ Giraud, Jim Woodring, Daniel Clowes, Brian Bolland, and Kevin Nowlan. I also can’t leave out Art Spiegelman who influenced not only my drawn work but heavily influenced my focus as a painter as well. And since I didn’t mention these painters - Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, and Eugène Carrière helped me expand my palette into a much darker range. I highly recommend checking out any of the artists I’ve mentioned, if you’re not already familiar with them.

I am available for illustration work, commissioned portraits and paintings, character/creature design, and anything you can think of visually. I am, unfortunately, a very arrogant artist and relish a challenge if you have something you would like commissioned. Feel free to contact me.

I also juggle.

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